Will my Scandlearn certificate be accepted?

Yes, in most cases! All courses, Scandlearn offers are fully compliant with relevant regulations, such as EASA, IACO, and IATA. But always check with your employer and/or CAA before you proceed to buy the course.


All Scandlearn courses are fully EASA, ICAO, and IATA compliant.

So while we cannot guarantee that your employer and/or CAA will accept your Scandlearn certificate, anyone that follows the EASA regulations shouldn't have any issues doing so.

Then again, according to some authorities as well as some organizations, certain courses may now be accepted to be performed online, even if they are compliant with the relevant regulations.

So the best course of action is to contact your current/future employer and simply ask if they would accept a certificate from Scandlearn.

If you, your employer, and or CAA would like to get some more information about the course(s), just contact our Sales Team at sales@scandlearn.com regarding which course(s) you are interested in and they can forward you the syllabus.