What system requirements does Scandlearn have?

Scandlearn is built and tested to work in the following web browsers. It may work in other browsers but these are not officially supported.

Web browser support for the Scandlearn apps and services:

Chrome (latest version*)
Firefox (latest version*)
Safari 8/9
Internet Explorer 10 or later

iOS: 9.0 or later
Android: API 19 (4.4 or later). 

Important: We don't support web sockets on older versions of Internet Explorer. 

If you find that you are using an outdated browser, you can upgrade it here. If you find issues in any of our supported browsers, please let us know by mailing us at support@scandlearn.com.

TLS/SSL Best Practices.

We will update our TLS/SSL configuration from time to time and consider best practices / recommendations on a case by case basis. We err on the side of ensuring that communicating with Scandlearn is always secure