Is Scandlearn an Approved Training Organisation (ATO)

No, even though over 600 air operators and thousands of individuals are using our services on a daily basis, we are not an approved training organisation.

So how does it work then?

Scandlearn is a courseware and software provider helping companies and individuals in the aviation industry with their training. According to EASA, these are activities which don't require an EASA approval.

We are operating as a subcontractor to the customer, hence the customer holds the approval from their local authority for the training they are conducting.

With this said Scandlearn currently serves over 600 companies (ATO's, Operators, Aircraft Manufacturers, Authorities, Governments and Military) with online training on a daily basis, all of these hold the relevant approvals for the services they need from us.

So, one could say that we are approved, it's just that Scandlearn doesn't hold the approvals it's the customers.


What if I'm an individual doing the training for myself?

In this case, you cannot obtain official approval from your authority to conduct a certain training with a certain provider. 

For individuals, we always recommend that you check with your national authority and/or future employer to ensure that they would accept a certificate issued by Scandlearn. We have over 20 years of experience in the industry, dealing with authorities and companies all around the world, so your authority is most probably well aware of our courseware and has accepted it for companies and individuals in the past.

However, if your authority would like to take a closer look to confirm that we meet their requirements, just let us know and we will help you in the process.