How to create a (Scandlearn) training

To create training from the Scandlearn Evolve system, go to Training and click  + Create
Create training 1

Choose Scandlearn Pre-made courses and click on it to go to the Scandlearn training library.

Create training 3

Once you've selected the training, you'll return to the first page; this time, click Next (up in the right corner)
Create training 4


Here is where you set the settings such as: 
Criteria (pass rate for skill test)
Attempts; how many attempts will a learner be allowed to on the training final skill test.
Questions; how many questions will there be on the final skill test.
Instant Validation; if you want the user to instantly be informed whether they've answer was correct or not.

Create training 5

Once you're done with your settings, click next to proceed.


Here's where you choose to whom the training is for, you can choose either to assign the training to a team(s) or a single user (Crew)

For more info on how to assign training, please read the following article; How to assign training

Once you're done with your settings, please click Save to proceed to the final stage.


Here's where to choose the settings for the training in particular.

You can choose if the training should be a one-time training, which means that once the course has been completed it will not have an expiration date, the course will remain completed forever.
One-time training

Continuous; You'll be able to set an expiration date on the training, choose an expiry cycle as well as when to create a new session.

You will be able to activate the notification to notify your crew when a new session has been created, and it is time to do their training and send them reminders.  
Continuous training

Once you're done with your settings, please click Publish to complete the process.
Create training final

What does Apply silently mean?

Apply silently means that the learner will NOT receive a message from the system that it has been assigned to training.

Apply silently-1