How to assign training?

Assigning training, easy as one-two-three!

To assign training from the Scandlearn Evolve system, simply go to Traning and click on the course you which to assign to the learner, (if you cannot find the course, you will need to create/add it first, for more info on how to create/add a training click on the following article; How to create a training)

Assign to training step 1

On the left side under Options, choose option 3 (Enrollment)
Assign to training step 2

Click on the + Add button
Assign to training step 3

Add the team or learner you which to assign the training to and then click confirm.

Assign to training step 6

Now click Save (up in the right corner) to complete the process. The system will ask you to confirm it again.

Assign to training step 7

Assign to training step 8

Once you click confirm, the system will send an invitation to the learner to inform them that they have been invited to training and how they can get started.

What does Apply si
lently mean?

Apply silently means that the learner will NOT receive a message from the system that it has been assign to training.

Apply silently