Why has my account been suspended and what does it mean?

Your account will fall under a suspension 10 days after an invoice has become overdue. The suspension limits certain features of your system but does not completely lock you or your user out, still allowing them to do their training.

Why is your account being suspended?

The answer is quite simple, we are not a charity organisation, we provide a paid service to our customers, if the payment is missing we can't continue providing the service.

But Scandlearn deals with unpaid invoices little bit different. We are not robots we know that human error can cause an invoice to be lost in cyberspace, an email to be accidentally deleted and that there can be gaps in the communication between the people using a service and the people paying for it.

So, therefore, we came up with a brilliant solution that's quite different from any other SaaS provider in the industry that simply just cuts you off directly until the debt is settled.

What happens when my account is suspended?

First of all, we will take all the steps we can to ensure that you get the information 

With emails, pop-up notifications and other in-app notifications we will inform you about the statuses of your invoices.

Once an invoice becomes overdue we will inform you about it and that the account will be suspended in 10 days.


Instead of pulling the plug on your account, we will restrict the following features:

Completion documents

The delivery and access to download certificates, result protocol, progress records and survey documents will be completely restricted on both the learner and administrator site.

Courseware data & Revision tracking

The backend access to our courseware, information such as downloading syllabuses, reviewing and downloading update history will be restricted.


All other areas of the system will be fully operational. This means that your crew can continue their training, stay qualified and most importantly continue their flying duties. All the training data will be kept in the system and once the debt has been settled we will release all the documents.

How do I lift the suspension?

Simple! Pay the overdue invoices and contact our billing team, if you can provide proof of payment we can open the account before receiving the payment.

You can also go to https://app.scandlearn.net/admin/company/invoices to view, download and pay your invoices via credit card.